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The phrase, "Built like a Mack truck," signifies strength and durability. As America's first integrated truck and engine manufacturer, Mack Trucks, Inc. holds itself to high standards and practices balanced design, a method in which components are engineered to function perfectly with one another. To view our current inventory, click here.

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Sales Reps

Sales Rep Email Address Phone


Justin Martel
New Mack Sales 647-292-0980
Braeson Agar
New Mack Sales 705-559-8984


Mike Hamilton
New Mack Sales 519-581-8253
Sean Whelan
New Mack Sales 905-577-2019
Chris Taylor
Fleet Sales 519-658-0414

Stoney Creek

Glenn Hayward
New Mack Sales 519-654-8891
Matt Howlett
New Mack Sales 905-320-0159
Joe Palermo
New Mack Sales 905-517-9417


Chuck Gadbois
New Mack Sales 647-678-8846
Brandon Looby
New Mack Sales 647-202-5240
James Whelan
New Mack Sales 519-277-1680

All Mack Locations

Julie Maiato
F&I Manager 416-457-5540
Marty Smith
Group Used Truck Manager 905-466-0375
Brad Oliver
Director of Mack Trucks Sales 780-700-0903
Anthony M. Crombleholme
Vice President of Sales and Marketing 519-319-0661

Trucks built to work.

On the road or at the jobsite, you need a partner you can trust. And you can count on Mack to get the job done every day. Macks are lighter and fuel-efficient, so they can do more. And they've got the power you need to take on tough jobs.


Mack Anthem®

Rediscover an American legend.

Advanced aerodynamics without sacrificing a uniquely BOLD design.

The aerodynamic flanges, adjustable trim tabs and sleek hood design combine to help the Anthem cut through wind to reduce drag.

All-New Mack® Command Steer.

By reducing driver effort by up to 85% and reducing driver strain by up to 30%, Command Steer helps reduce the risk of long-term injury. Command Steer holds the lane during unexpected course changes to help drivers stay on track and on time. With feather-light steering at low speeds, getting in and out of loading zones is quick and easy.

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Mack predictive cruise gets the tough jobs done and saves money while doing it.

When cruise control is engaged, this intelligent navigation feature memorizes GPS data of up to 4,500 hills to engage the ideal shift strategy for repeated routes.



Home away from home.

Mack Anthem's spacious cab, stand-up sleeper, premium materials and amenities create an interior that's as comfortable as it is functional. Anthem’s generous ceiling height of 6'11" at the driver’s seat and 7’1" in the rear of the cab lets drivers stand up and walk right through to the sleeper. Access power outlets and ports and control the sleeper stereo, interior lighting and high-performing HVAC from one convenient panel. Opt for a spacious, stainless steel refrigerator or choose from prep kits—including power outlets—for a refrigerator, microwave or flat-screen TV.

Everything in its place.

Mack Anthem™ offers cabinets, work surfaces, wardrobes and shelving to keep the living space organized, functional and ready to work. Cabinets, work surfaces and shelving keep Anthem organized and functional. The passenger side features microwave, TV and refrigerator areas or cabinets. Bunk storage includes back wall cup holders and bins and lighted under-bunk storage. The driver side wardrobe cabinet features a hanger bar, mirror, magazine slots and lower storage.

The Limited-Edition Mack Black Anthem®

All Black. Pure Mack.

The Limited Edition Mack Black Anthem with MP8HE+ keeps you running in style while maximizing your bottom line. With a black leather-wrapped, flat-bottom steering wheel, black woodgrain panels and ultra-leather, diamond-embossed seats, the premium interior on the new Mack Black Anthem delivers superior comfort at every turn. Every Mack Black Anthem® comes with an exclusive owner’s kit. It's packed with limited-edition items designed to help you add a little more swag to your swagger.

Mack Granite®

The tried-and-true platform.

All-New Mack® Command Steer.

By reducing driver effort by up to 85% and reducing driver strain by up to 30%, Command Steer helps reduce the risk of long-term injury. Command Steer monitors road variations at nearly 2,000 times per second to help maintain directional stability on rough roads and in high winds for a more comfortable ride on every road. During parking, reversing and other low-speed maneuvers, the steering wheel automatically returns to zero, saving drivers from wear-related injuries. 

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All-day comfort behind the wheel.

 Redesigned and purpose-built, Granite’s interiors minimize driver wear and tear and maximize comfort. An industry first, the flat-bottom steering wheel allows more clearance for entry or exit. Mack-exclusive seats provide unmatched comfort. Easy-to-reach controls reduce driver fatigue and increase productivity.

Bendix® Wingman® Fusion 2.0

 The upgraded Bendix Wingman Fusion 2.0 integrates radar, camera and brake system data to help drivers detect and avoid any potential hazards on the road ahead. After detecting stationary and slow-moving vehicles, three levels of notifications alert the driver of the decreasing following distance before automatically applying the brakes to help prevent a collision. Above 37 mph, when an unintended lane departure is detected, the system alerts the driver.

LR Model

Designed for drivers. Built for the job. 

Keep safety in sight.

Maneuvering narrow streets is made easier by the LR model’s large windows to increase your field of vision where you need it most. Windshields are edge-to-edge glass for superior forward visibility. Large side windows and door peep windows all but eliminate blind spots. Rear wraparound window provides a clear view of cross traffic.

Stay comfortable on the job.

The LR Model’s flexible and versatile driver environment options let you build the truck that’s right for the job and for your drivers. Multiple seating options increase comfort and productivity. The tilt and telescopic steering column offers a perfect fit. The cab is 4" deeper than the previous model, giving drivers more legroom. Low 17” step height makes boarding simple and safe. Large door openings make for even more comfortable boarding.


Built for the job.

Front Loader Refuse - LR excels in front loading for residential and commercial applications. 

Rear Loader Refuse - Perfect for on-the-go residential, commercial and municipal jobs, LR trucks shine in rear loading refuse.
Side Loader Refuse - The versatile LR trucks are ideal for curbside pickup and other side loading applications.

Mack LR Electric.

Zero emissions. Zero oil changes. Zero fuel costs. Ever.

The Mack LR Electric delivers the same comfort, visibility and reliability as the diesel-powered LR, but with lower maintenance costs, reduced noise and zero carbon emissions. Save on costs and increase uptime with no oil changes, no aftertreatment systems and a dealer support team that’s always nearby.



 The toughest cabover in the industry. 

Comfortable from start to finish.

A true Mack workhorse, TerraPro® is designed to keep drivers comfortable and focused from the first stop to the last. Optimized cab layout for single-operator applications. Straightforward gauge design gets drivers the information they need. Built-in locations for joystick and a mounting space for body control devices make installation simple.

Master tight spaces.

The compact design makes TerraPro® ideal for navigating even the most congested neighborhoods safely and efficiently. Shorter truck length for improved maneuverability. Slimmer cab width slips into narrow spaces. Shorter length from bumper to back-of-cab gets you closer to the job.


TerraPro® now with mDRIVE HD.

The Mack TerraPro® is now available with the proven mDRIVE HD heavy-duty automated manual transmission – making it more fuel efficient and easier to drive. Single, tandem or tri-drive, there’s an axle configuration for your job. Powerful engine options offer fuel economy without sacrificing torque. Body-ready electrical system makes installation simple.

MD Series.

Shift medium duty into high gear.

Mack has entered the medium-duty market with our all-new MD Series—three trucks that take care of the details so you can focus on growing your business.

Built for every job.

To handle different applications, the MD Series is available in three models—the MD6, MD6 Low Profile, and MD7. The trucks have innovative features that come standard, and they vary in wheelbase size and dimensions, with transmission options for heavier-duty applications and rougher terrains.

Built for comfort.

Every detail of the Mack MD interior was designed for one purpose: keep drivers comfortable. There's power steering, tilt telescopic steering column, air suspension driver's seat and controls within easy reach. If it all feels designed by drivers for drivers, that's because it was.

Built for uptime.

From purchase to maintenance, your local Mack dealer will treat you like family—with personalized attention and the support you need. And our Geotab® system will provide the intelligence and data to help you operate with enhanced safety, cost-efficiency and productivity.