VISION TRUCK GROUP offers premium Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) cleaning for all makes and models using patented FSX cleaning technologies. 

Standard over the counter DPF cleaning is $250, and a cleaning and thermal bake is $350. Loose clamps and missing gaskets can lead to expensive filter and housing damage, so remember to change your clamps and gaskets at each service.


FSX The TrapBlaster utilizes patented bi-directional air scanning technology to clean filters significantly better than competing designs, up to 94% of the ash deposits are removed. Upper and lower air jets allow individual cell by cell cleaning from both ends of the filter, not just one. The FSX technology has a built in diagnostic feature that makes it possible to detect filters that are failing. Adjustable to accommodate virtually any filter configuration. The FSX TrapBurner Thermal Cleaner provides a programmed, regulated thermal regeneration of troublesome filters without cracking or damage. Baking cycles are adjustable for Cordierite, Silicon Carbide, and sintered metal filters.



Regular DPF and DOC cleaning not only improves fuel economy and horsepower, but also ensures that you get the maximum life from your filter, rather than costly replacement. Planned Maintenance of the system lowers your operating costs, reduces chance of breakdown and ensures harmful emissions are kept to a minimum. Mack and Volvo recommend cleaning the DPF in Normal Duty applications every 650,000kms or 10,000 engine hours, and in Severe Duty applications every 400,000kms or 4500 engine hours. Cummins recommends DPF cleaning at 320,000-640,000kms or 6000 hours depending on application.