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    Operating range: Up to 230 miles - Up to 275 miles (varies by VNR Electric Series Model)

    Weight Rating (lbs.): Up to 33,000 GVW - Up to 82,000 GCW (varies by VNR Electric Series Model)

    Total battery capacity: 4 Batteries: 375kWh, 6 Batteries: 565kWh

    Charging: Up to 250kW DC charge rate with CCS1 or CCS2

    Charging time: 4 Batteries: 60 min (80% charging at 250kW), or 6 Batteries: 90 min (80% charging at 250kW)

    Braking Energy: Between 5-15% of brake energy is regenerated back into Energy Storage System, depending on cycle

    Power: 340kW, 455hp, 4,051 lb-ft peak output torque

    Driveline: Volvo Trucks electric driveline

    Top speed: 68 mph

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