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Revealing the New Mack Anthem

Following months of online campaigning including behind the scenes videos, countdowns, and numerous hype posts, all without actually showing the new design, Mack Trucks revealed their new highway truck and it was well worth the wait. 

Debuting two of the new trucks, the Mack Anthem was most definitely a head turner. With roughly 800 guests in attendance, the trucks were introduced in a spectacular manner including a breathtaking lights show and an original anthem 'Born Ready' written by American songwriter and singer Steve Moakler. 

Born Ready by Steve Moakler:

“If any truck deserves to be called Anthem, it is a Mack,” Mack President Denny Slagle said, referencing the company’s 117-year history of building trucks in the United States.

The Mack Anthem is available for order immediately but full production will begin in the early months of 2018 and, like all Mack trucks built for the North American market and export, the Anthem will be assembled at the company’s 1-million-square-foot plant in Lower Macungie Township.

What the Anthem — with its new hood, grille, and aerodynamic changes to improve fuel efficiency by up to 3 percent — really represents for Mack is an opportunity to grow its long-haul business as a "revolutionary" highway truck. 

“For us to achieve our market share ambitions, we have to have a bigger presence in that part of the market, and we’re confident that this truck gives us the opportunity to do that,” Walsh said.

The Anthem also highlights Mack's efforts in rebranding, a process that started in 2014 when the company unveiled a new logo. Fast-forward to this year, and Mack has completed a $3 million renovation at its Allentown customer center and is currently investing in an $84 million Lower Macungie plant to make the facility more modern, integrated and efficient.

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